Getting Started with USSD Gateway API

In order to help developers easily developer USSD applications, Oltranz has developer a USSD Gateway developers can create USSD applications against and develop them very easily.

Oltranz USSD Gateway thought and designed to be cheap both in terms of amount of time one has to invest in developing an USSD application and service (USSD management) cost.

As it will be shown in the lines below, the same object that the developer is receiving from the gateway as request object is the same object he/she has to return back to the gateway as response. As result USSD application can be expressed as only one function.

Oltranz USSD Gateway is technology agnostic

Oltranz USSD Gateway does not impose any programming language choice to the developers. Developers are free to developer USSD application using any language of their choice such as java, php, ruby, nodejs, python, go and any other. The only thing they are to keep in mind is the language which is able to handle json object and format them as response.